Monday, 30 November 2009


In my April 2009 Archives there is a track by The Smiths recorded at Dundee University in 1984. You may recall, Morrissey took a tantrum and had a pop at certain members in the crowd who were throwing beer onto the stage.
Well a year later, a change of venue, and all is well between the lead singer and the Dundee audience again. In fact, on this recording from the Caird Hall gig in September '85, at the end of the song "Hand In Glove", he let's it be known what "great people" there are in Dundee!!
The b&w multi image on top comes from an old Face magazine I have from the 80's.


  1. I was at this gig, and the one in the Students Union. At the Caird Hall the support band was a very early incarnation of Del Amitri and the Uni support was the Red Guitars - them of Good Technology fame!

  2. I was at the Caird Hall gig!!! Does anyone remember Morissey chucking his shirt into the crowd? I git the tinest piece and kept it in a ring box for years LOL

  3. I was also at this gig as a 15 yr old, the lack of singing at the end was due to a stage invasion! good times indeed!

  4. I too was at the caird hall gig and stage invaded; for a long time had some of morrissey's flowers: til they turned to dust...!