Wednesday, 11 November 2009


This is the 500th item posted on Retro Dundee, and with the idea of RD being about looking back at the past, I thought I'd mark the occasion by dipping into a book by Garnet Wilson called "Overspill" which is his second memory book of anecdotes and activity. It came out in 1970 and was printed by Winter's in Dundee. As you can see, mine is a signed copy!
I suppose GW could be seen as being a bit of a bigwig in the city, what with his family's department store G.L. Wilson, his roll in local government, his stint as Lord Provost, was also President of University College, and not to mention being the main player in attracting NCR to Dundee.
He was quite elderly when he did this book but lived to the ripe old age of 90, dying in 1975.
So, nicking one of his quotes from the book, this one above about a persons memory, I'm rather fond of, and kind of suits Retro Dundee.

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  1. I am currently researching for a book on shopping in Dundee and particularlythe largedepartment stores such as G L Wilson. Any information would be helpful
    Jack Searle