Friday, 6 November 2009


This black & white photo of the Cowgate corner area was taken in early/mid 70's. The same junction crops up in colour in a piece of film from 1980, below. As well as the Cowgate, there are views along Panmure Street and Meadowside. Still in their place in 1980 were The Odeon, the original Wellgate Centre facade and the pub, Foreigners. The footage only lasts 25 seconds so you'll probably need to view it a couple of times if you want to go sightseeing!


  1. Nice one! That corner hasn't changed much at all apart from the billboards not being there now. I love huge billboards, get them back!

  2. The clip must have been from the very early eighties as the corner of Panmure Street and Victoria Road is still occupied by the Bank of Scotland. Around about 1982 (if not before) it became the Brooklyn Diner which was a brilliant place. Me and my cohorts loved it although, as we had only just left school and were poor poor students,it was a bit pricey. Worth every penny though!
    Happy memories.

  3. The clip is dated 1980 exactly. There is also no canopy on the church opposite Foreigners to indicate that the Cloisters transformation had taken place yet.
    By the way, Bridie, I've solved the "Tara" mystery, if you want to backtrack to The Oriental Garden comments. GG