Thursday, 12 November 2009


Garnet Wilson officially opened Craigie High School on 11th December 1970. Although CHS had opened it's doors for the first time that summer, much of the construction work was still going on for a few months after. Eventually though, the building was deemed complete and GW was one of those on the Assembly Hall stage to declare the school "officially" open. Of course there were only us 1st years there to witness it!
The main entrance to CHS is at the end of a wee road called Garnet Terrace, and you've guessed it, it is named after Sir Garnet. This area was, and probably still is, for staff use only.
I can also remember a portrait of GW hanging up in reception, so he did leave his mark on the school.
This photo of Craigie High was taken in 1969 when it was still being worked on, and is from the Garnet Terrace end of the school.
Photo by DC Thomson.


  1. When you mentioned GW yesterday I was sure that I'd seen him when I was at Craigie High.

    Nice to know I'm not senile yet...

  2. My mate John Thomson and I (Jim Stanhope) were the first two pupils to cross the threshold when the doors opened in August 1970.... seem to recall we had gone in early and stood at the door for ages.