Thursday, 5 November 2009


This 1985 ad for the Hosikai in St Andrews St, claims to be the first traditional Cantonese restaurant in Dundee. Not knowing the difference between Cantonese cooking and Chinese, I did some research, and there is indeed a difference in the "regional" foods and ingredients used. Apparently there was a surge of "new" Cantonese restaurants sprang up in the UK in the 80's as a large influx of people from Hong Kong came over to settle during that period and brought their dishes with them!
So that ties in nicely with the ad.
If anyone knows what "Hosikai" means, or can read the 3 Chinese symbols (is it Ho-Si-Kai?), feel free to pass it on in the comments.


  1. used to eat here quite often in the late 80's and i seem to recall hosikai meant little panda hope this helps

  2. My wife who is fluent in Cantonese says Hosikai means "tasty street" or "tasty chicken"..... No mention of pandas!