Saturday, 21 November 2009


Here's a couple of amusing items about Dundee punk act - Bread Poultice & The Running Sores.
The top article describes the band presenting their rather unique performance, which is a slightly different take on punk. This is from a book about Billy MacKenzie (who became a friend of the band) and titled "The Glamour Chase".
It also mentions the time when Billy stood in for BP&TRS frontman, Steve Falconer - after Steve dropped some acid and went AWOL!
Well it makes me chuckle anyway.
Keeping the amusement going, I've accompanied the article with a couple of old gig listings I have from 1977, and in it you can see that Bread Poultice & The Running Sores had a couple of shows through in Edinburgh at the end of '77.
The November one asks the question - "Are they as loathsome as they sound?" - while the other describes them as "Those gangrenous punks".. Ha!
At least they were in similar company anyway as both The Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious & The Vicars are on the same list (although I doubt these 2 gigs took place because of their USA tour).
Incidentally, BP&TRS guitarist, Steve Reid, a few years later went on to replace Alan Rankine in The Associates.
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  1. they played the Ambassador in the late seventies, supported by the Alternators??? and were brilliant. I got the set list - one of their songs was "Love me like a joob joob" and on the back of the set list was the lyrics to an unfinished song. We used those lyrics, edited them and added to them for the Scrotum Poles, "Pick the Cats Eyes Out".

  2. Am sure the singer died quite a few years ago? I came across him a few times in the Tayside Bar and around town. Never saw his band perform but do remember the bands name painted on a wall on the Victoria Rd. He was quite aggressive to me on one occasion, for no reason, maybe just having a bad day in Dundee. Then, the next time I saw him he was walking up Court Street and shouted / sang across the street to me 'Woke in the morning and there is nae lights' To the Israelites tune by Desmond Decker... Seemed he'd just had his electric cut off. It was funny but also sad. R.I.P.

  3. I remember Bread Poltice. He was at an Altres gig at the Tayside Bar and piled boxes up around himself to save his ears from the aural assault. I think I fell out with him but he seemed to be a friend of Jeremy's so I tried not to fall out with him. I still miss Jeremy.


  4. Steve Falconer was a good friend of mine....we were both raised in Menzieshill....a total was steve who put the grafitti "Vino & chocs" on the wall on Victoria Rd....he stayed in the B & B behind it....sadly, he passed away in a bedsit off the Perth Rd, i think late 80's or early 90's....

  5. Steve was the man, his singing was as good as Billy McKenzie's especially when he was on acid! Great memories, RIP Bread. The gig at Dundee Uni was especially memorable. My claim to fame was playing the drums on Boys keep swinging. cant find anything on the Swing Club - regulars at the Tayside bar.

  6. I remember the Bread Poultice Hates You stenciled graffiti that was particularly prolific around The Sinderins and there was one at the top of my street, Strawberry Bank. I have never known of any other graffiti, particularly in those pre Banksy days, that people in a middle class area were deflected from their outrage by their admiration of its design and ingenuity

  7. I was an auld freen' o'the stunning whores and the person culpable for the grafitti ,bread had a wee flat in strawberrybank and the stencils were cut on his living room flair,memories o' gigs well the isle o' skye hotel,perth tacks some beatin'.yours Bob Carroll