Sunday, 15 November 2009


A few bits and pieces featuring The Scrotum Poles in the national music press during 1980.
Well the top item is from the local press actually. This was The Scrotum Poles debut gig at Dundee College of Education on 1st May 1980. The Strutz were the main act and the other band on the night was called Just The Job who crop up in the 2nd item, the same gig but published in the national music press.
3rd item is another gig in town, this time it's for 3rd June 80 and at the Unemployed Club, which I think may have been the drop-in centre in Perth Road, not sure about that though.
4th item is their gig at Dundee University on 4th Oct 80.
5th item is a fun piece which sees The Scrotum Poles on a list of bands who have amusing names!
Lastly, the final item is an ad published in Dec 80, and is for the band's EP release "Revelation", which includes the address from where to purchase it.
Getting hold of an original copy nowadays will cost you much much more than £1.25..!!
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