Monday, 9 November 2009


This photo is from around 1984ish when a lot of the Westport area was being pulled down. The ad was actually on the side of the former premises of Young's in South Tay Street, where the new buildings on the corner of Cross Lane now are. That means at the time I was taking the photo I would have been standing at the gap next to Slickers, looking over towards Marketgait.
John Young was still there in 1970 , and were present at this location for quite a few decades up to then. Looking at the phone number, I'd say the building ad is probably from around the 1930's period.


  1. In the Dundee Directory(1954 - 55)it states 2,Tally Street John Young,house furnishers.For 32, South Tay Street it lists John Young,Ltd.(workshops).Number 46 is listed as Tay Street Public School,headmaster,W.A Doig.I can remember the school and think there may have been a painted Ad.on one of the gables forming the sides of the front playground.Mac.

  2. So this was basically situated whre the Tay Street Car Park is? if you look to the side of the building you can see a derby street that correlates to what Admin says.

  3. If you look at the photo of "Westport in the 60's" in the June Archives you can just make out the gable end beside where the school entrance/playground was.