Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Next door to Millet's in the Cowgate was The Oriental Garden, a Chinese restaurant that sprang up on the scene in the mid 70's.
I remember me and a couple of mates went through a wee phase for a few weeks that had us popping into this place every Saturday lunchtime. This was when we just left school and had a couple of months spare in summer before we got work. So not having much dosh, we'd sit down at the table, look through the menu, skip the main course and just go straight to the dessert.!! We always got pineapple fritters or banana fritters covered in syrup. It only cost around 50p which is about all we could afford, and the routine also appealed to our sense of humour - going to a restaurant only for dessert!!
A precursor to the Scottish fad of deep-frying sweet products, many years later.
The photo was taken in 1978.

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