Monday, 16 November 2009


A fine example of the underground sound of Dundee from the early 80's up next.
This is AAGA performing their 1982 track, "Hey What's Happening", a bright, catchy wee groove, with a touch of edgy nervous energy!
The live line-up below is - Mike Kane, guitar - Steve Grimmond, vocal & bass - Scott Wilkie, guitar and Neal Mitchell on drums. Accompanying them on backing vocals are Soul Sisters, Audrey Krawec & Joan Woodsford.
The action was caught on film by Kevin Guthrie on location at a cosy, intimate venue in 1984.
The b&w photo above was taken around 1982.
Big THANX to Mike Kane.


  1. Excellent!

    Still sounds pretty fresh... and probably the most "tuneful" thing I've seen Mike Kane play!!!

    Looks like this was filmed in someones living room!?!

  2. Was it performed in the Meadwoside flat?

  3. It was indeed my living room -

    mike kane

  4. What make of guitar is that you have in the b&w photo, Mike?. Looks a bit of a brute!!

  5. the guitar in the b & w photo is a homemade guitar , made from various bits and pieces , I ended up taking all the metal frets off and using it as a fretless 6 string guitar !
    no idea what happened to it , only used on one recorded track called "what a life"

  6. Wow, that was amazing. I remember visiting your flat, Mike, in Constitution Road. I also remember Joan being really dead sexy. Can I say that? ;)

    Guys, too many days have passed for this to be anything other than a beautiful walk through the back rooms of our days. If you guys do meet up at the Rep, I'd join you.

    Last time I saw Jock he was doing the "did the Earth move for you, 'cause my earth was certainly moving" joke after pretending to be arse f*cked by a poor Beaver Sister fan there at the Rep, and Mike last time I was there for a meal. Actualy, I've only ever been there once for a meal, and it was lovely.


  7. Mike, I remember being at a gig you all did at the Wellgate Steps Theatre. Denise won a jar of Tesco value jam in your ticket lottery and blushingly walked up on stage to collect it. What was that? Was it a cassette launch or something? It was a great gig if I remember correctly.


  8. Hi Brian , not sure which gig at steps you mean , we played at a gig at the steps theatre organised by the council and featured 6 acts , us , the kirkton wind trio , downfield musical society ..cant remember who else ..we did the history of music in 15 mins , with slides and dance !!our friend filmed it by pressing pause when we started and record/play when we finished thus missing the whole fucking thing!
    we also hired the conference room at the steps and played to an invited audience of 50 , we provided refreshments etc.. could have been that ! also have this on cassette !

  9. Yes, it was the invited one and it was in a conference room right enough, not the main theatre bit. Would love to hear the recording sometime.

    Have a great New Year, Mike, I'm off out now.