Thursday, 26 November 2009


Rewinding back to October 1988, and a little glimpse into what was on offer in town music-wise. This schedule is taken from Street Life magazine, the local what's on guide for then.
Venues listed are - Fat Sams - Bonar Hall - Cafe Club - Chamber Music Club - Bar Chevrolet - Caird Hall and De Stihl's.
Music provided by - The Silencers - Frank Chickens - Pasadena Roof Orchestra - Love & The Gun - Hanson String Quartet - Quad - Le Hot Club - Barbara Dickson - Deacon Blue - Beaver Sisters and New Tinian.
Spark any memories?
Incidentally, I put "plop plop dada" into Google search and got nowt!
Click image to enlarge if blind as a bat!


  1. Beaver Sisters is a surprise. I thought they were years earlier. Maybe 83-85? Also, were the Beaver Sisters the very last band to play The Tayside Bar?

  2. Beavers.
    Don't think we were last to play the TB, not by a long chalk.

  3. Cheers Major. Do you know when the TSB closed it doors and who played the last night? Refresh my memory if you can, but did the owner Brian leave before it closed down and then it was ran but other people for a few months/year or something like that?

  4. sinderins lurker25 January 2010 at 05:14

    Tug was a club night, only happened a couple of times, once at fat sams and once on the unicorn ship. Plop plop da da wasn't a band or anything, just a line on the poster.