Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Blind Pew were on the go in Dundee around the late 70's to early 80's period. There were alterations made to the band line-up along the way, but the main guys involved were - Graeme White, Dave Peddie, Paul Reaper, Neil McLaren, Gregor White, John Blair & Barry Yule.
Their sets were mostly their own material with the occasional cover version thrown in, in other words, a mix of pop/rock guitar workouts.
The amusing piece of work above was written by Jock Ferguson, and tells the tale of when he met up with the band in some downtown drinking den! (click image to enlarge)
And below you can tune into one of Blind Pew's self penned tracks, "Vampira".
Although BP called it a day around 1982, the band have recently reformed and are gigging regularly around town again.


  1. Blind Pew were a lovely lot and much better than they seemed. This song I like but not representative of their best....

  2. Another blast from the past. Am loving hearing (and remembering about) all these Dundee bands from back in the day. Another well done Retro Dundee.

  3. Good to hear this again , We (AAGA) put this track on our "Dundee compilation" C90 cassette in 1982/3 cant remember exact year ! anyway , the comments take away from the the nostalgia of the track, and the diversity of music in dundee at this time, not sure what i am trying to say here .....spike milligan moment , what am i going to do now .............

  4. Gigging again indeed: under the new band name "Trampled By A Horse" - playing 3rd Dec @ The Bread.