Monday, 2 November 2009


This is Dundee lass, Heather Ripley, on set for the filming of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. She was one of the main characters in the movie, alongside the likes of Dick Van Dyke.
This was a one-off film for Heather as she didn't take up acting as a career, choosing instead, a life of an artist and eco warrior.
I saw CCBB in the Gaumont when it came out in 1968. It was quite a lengthy film and I recall it having an interlude halfway through, during an exciting bit too. Just as the car drove off the edge of a cliff and was falling towards the sea, the screen suddenly went blank, and the word INTERMISSION popped up. Once everyone had expressed their annoyance, there was a mad dash down the aisles to grab a choc ice before it restarted.!!
Not only that, but I also had the Corgi model of the car hanging by 2 strings from the ceiling above my bed. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in full flight!


  1. Mind I met her at Tam Mcleans garage at the top of Thistle Sreet around 1994..she had dreadlocks and was driving a scruffy Landy defender..Very friendly and without an ego..respect.

  2. I was on a holiday or shopping trip with my mum and dad from Dundee during the week of the premiere of the film in London. Always remember the car was in a showroom in London for several days before the premiere. Also we went along and stood outside the cinema where the premiere was held I was probably around 6 or 7 at the time of that. While on the subject of films about cars I always remember The Love Bug sitting in the car park of The Odeon in Strathmartine Road as a kid. I have the Chitty Bang Bang Car too still got it with it's original box from when I got it as a kid one of the larger scale ones where the wings come out etc Dunno if it's worth anything never checked it out.

  3. I was taken, screaming, from the Odeon in Strathmartine Road when the child-catcher came on.
    I still, 41 years later, have never seen the film in it's entirity and nor do I want to....I'm still traumatised!

  4. Shame this is so out of date. i used to spend the weekends with heather in the late 80's, as a teenager i babysat for her son Cosmo. i so wish i could find her again after all these years, she was wonderful to me. and shes never met my kids. if anyone happens to see this and knows her whereabouts please contact Andree on