Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I was going to put this picture up sometime later but thought I'd post it now to tie in with yesterdays photo. South Tay Street running from Westport on the right to Nethergate on the left, with Marketgait circle bottom left.
Mac mentioned Tay Street Public School. Well you can see the gap of the school entrance/playground area near to the Westport junction, with the car park across the road from it. Yesterdays gable end shot is the building beside the playground on the right. Although the school building is in the photo, it had shut down when this photo was taken in 1969. The building to the left of the playground, in the 80's would have been the pub, Slickers, but in 1969 was a hairdresser call TC Machir.
I think you should be able to figure all that out without the need for arrows pointing to them.
You could also see Tay Square, before the Rep moved in.
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  1. Jeez. Another cracking image and the details about the school, totally fascinating. Well done yet again!!!

  2. Yup...may thanks for clearing that one up.
    Brilliant pic...where do get this seemingly never ending stock of pure Dundee gold???
    (Don't need to answer that! ;o) )

  3. I went to nursery school in South Tay St in about 1966-7. I seem to remember the woman who ran the school was a Miss Deuchars. I think the nursery was on the East side of the street, maybe halfway up. Anyone else remember this school?

    1. My brother and I went there in the 50s. My cousins also attended. It was a private nursery school and Miss Deuchars was the teacher. It was on the east side and near Andy Lothian's Ballroom - Palais?

  4. .
    Around 1977, the Institute of Technology (now Abertay Uni) Students' Association were looking into buying Tay Street School as their own, self-contained union premises, as Marketgait Union was controlled by the college.

    Unfortunately, the brewers, who were approached for financial backing, wouldn't play ball...

  5. Amazing how much it's all changed

  6. Miss Deuchars is as described my attending in the mid to late 60's. I recall there was a rocking horse there which we would compete to play on. I assume the hairdresser was Tommy Machir my recollection being his son carried on the trade his having a hairdressers (Gents Style?) in Albert Street Stobswell on the west side north of Balmore St. during the 70's. I think it is still a hairdressers today.