Sunday, 15 November 2009


Dundonian, Jack Hutton, came into music journalism by combining his 2 interests - music & journalism - as simple as that.
Jack worked at DC Thomson's, and during this period developed an enthusiasm for jazz. After taking up the trumpet as a pastime he went on to form the Dundee Jazz Club around 1950. He moved to London in 1953 and got work with music paper, Melody Maker, which eventually lead to him becoming Editor in 1962. Needless to say, his time at MM had him rub shoulders with everyone from Miles Davis to The Beatles. He was even with the Rolling Stones on their 1964 USA tour, in which he was present at their famous "Chess" recording session. Jack also managed to sneak the underage Stones into a few jazz clubs along the way!
JH was also involved in another music paper called, Disc, near the end of the 60's, but while at the top of his profession he decided to quit MM and start all afresh with his own publishing company. Around 1970, he started up, Sounds, a youthful rival to Melody Maker. Another mag he launched was, Popswop, catching the pop & glam rock scene in the early 70's. Lastly there was Kerrang!, a magazine specialising in rock & heavy metal, which actually started off as a free supplement in Sounds around the early 80's.
Out of all those music publications JH has been with, only Kerrang! survives today.
I've included here an example of Jack's journalism - a review he did in May 1967 when jazz legend, Count Basie, played at the Caird Hall.
(click on to enlarge)
JH retired in 1987, having a big do at Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London, with Jack ending up jamming on stage!
After a 5 year illness, JH died in August 2008.


  1. Jeez, have never heard of him as a bit before my time but the boy done good eh? I bet there's a few like him from Dundee and became big shots in other cities, almost like they had to leave Dundee to go further.

  2. Yeah, Dundee has always been treated as a bit of a backwater. There's definite talent here but it tends to be buried (usually in a pint or two).

    Interesting wee clip though.

  3. hes my grandad. ledgend of a man :)