Saturday, 7 November 2009


My brother took this amusing picture in the mid 70's. There was a gap in the fence where the demolition was taking place and he spotted this old guy sitting reading in amongst the rubble.
On the white wall in the background, there is some gang graffiti. It has the Kirkton Huns on, but the word Kirkton has a line sprayed across it and Y-Toddy written above!
I don't know what buildings they are but I'm assuming the location is the old Wellgate area because my brother took a bundle of pictures there when it was being bulldozed.


  1. The white building was behind Foreigners,Notice the added on stairwells to the tenaments,their still there.

  2. .
    Hi Anonymous.

    I think that's well spotted!
    My first gut feeling was Sugarhouse Wynd or Queen Street, as there used to be a building down there similar to the one in the photo (I think).

    However if you go to:-

    I think you can see that the four storey white extension in the middle, just down from the rear of Foreigners, looks like the one in the photo but with a fresh coat of paint or whatever.
    This would suggest that the man was reading the paper in what remained of Baltic Street.