Thursday, 19 November 2009


In the late 80's when DJ's, rather than band's, ruled the music world, "live" music at nightclubs would often have to take a back seat, but De Stihl's in South Ward Road, as you can see, managed to accommodate both.
This is a review of Dundee band Wilderness Children who performed there in October 1988, the same month as the previous acid ad.
You may need to click the image for the large version, to read it.
You can also rewind back to the July Archives to get a couple of other items on the band, including a music sample.


  1. This was Fraser Reid's band, that I was lucky to play in for a couple of years, first and only time i never wrote any songs in a band and played what fraser asked me to! we eventually played with Fraser's hero - Joe strummer in aberdeen
    sadly Fraser died last year , he was a good friend and his tunes were never captured properly on record , it was always about playing live that's what he loved and he dragged me all over scotland and england in his quest!!
    great memories.

  2. I wasn't at this gig, but did go to see them supporting the Cateran at Northern College. I first met Fraser at Dundee College when were both doing Higher Art... he gave me my first experience of "poppers"

    Sad to hear that he died, I believe that one of the Cateran is dead too.

    Mike - was that thing in Aberdeen a "Rock Against the Rich" gig?

  3. Yes the aberdeen gig was "Class War" rock against the rich , was meant to be the caird hall but dundee council pulled it because of Class War's politics

  4. Ha, ha, ha, now he pampers the rich down at the Rep... "Another tea sir? 2 sugars, oh lovely"

  5. I did not give a fuck about the politics i just wanted to play on same bill as Joe strummer , The Class War politics were a little fucked up anyway! and we serve Tea to anyone that drinks it and if you know me you know i dont pamper anyone !
    jesus ! whats with all the attacks on my job, A job is something you do for money to pay for stuff, maybe I should go for the "tortured misunderstood artist approach" and sign on moaning about how life sucks...etc maybe live of my parents ! (thats not gonna happen , both dead now )is that more noble.
    grow up

  6. Mike - You did an interview for Cranked Up where you said if you 'didn't make it' you'd join a monastery.
    Are you going to do the decent thing?
    But that phrase 'making it' is one only the public use.
    The animosity on here is odd (to me at least).
    I didn't get any of this when we did stuff at the Tayside Bar and beyond that.
    No DJ-ing jobs, no fanzine stuff, no band work and no acting dates.
    Virtually everyone was positive.
    Is it the clubbie punters who occasionally wandered into the TB who now come here to snipe?
    Or was it some quiet wee laddie harbouring unfulfilled dreams now taking it out on me in middle-age?
    Naebody theatened to punch ma puss back then so this 21st century anger seems at odds with the good times I had in the 20-odd years I did stuff in Dundee.

  7. Hi Jock
    going to pass on the monk thing!
    no animosity from me , but people did threaten to punch me !
    I seem to have that effect

  8. Vex - I remember the time you threatened to punch my pus on the bus going through to see Sonic Youth... because the guy I was with wouldn't put his reclined seat forward! I think it was the Goo tour in 1990?

    The start of a valued friendship... ;-)

  9. leave it out you two !! Jockie
    and michael. lifes too damm short.

    pah !

    lesley g.

  10. is it available in all around tha globe ??