Friday, 27 November 2009


The Palais ad at the top is dated Feb 1964 and displays a typical couple of months of acts that played at the Top Ten Club.
The Top Ten Club attracted some of the UK's best bands in the swinging 60's with the likes of Manfred Mann, The Kinks, Bee Gees, Yardbirds, Barron Knights, Spencer Davis Group, Fortunes, Honeycombs, and so on.
You may even be surprised to know that in 1966, David Bowie played the Top Ten Club too with his newly formed band The Buzz!
Along with well known visiting acts such as the ones featured in the ad (The Hollies, Dave Berry, The Paramounts etc) the venue also hosted resident bands, the ones showcased here being - Tommy Dene & The Tremors, Mark Dayton & The Honours and Johnny Hudson's Hi-Four.
A year earlier, back in 1963, Rolf Harris performed at the Top Ten Club too, this being the date of the other item above.
This would have been very early in his career, so not quite sure what his show would have consisted of, but for Dundee lass, Ann Jaskluska - she was sent!
Strange to see the word "sent" being used for Rolf. This was a hip jazz term similar to the hippies "far out" expression.
Perhaps it was the hypnotic drone of his didgeridoo that did it!!


  1. Bands who were breaking into the charts like the ones you mention would appear as you rightly say in the 60s but they often did two gigs in one night - the Locarno in Montrose being a favourite.

  2. To be fair, I don't think there's too many people on the planet who wouldn't be 'sent' in the presence of the great Rolferoo himself.