Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Formed out of the spare ribs of The Scrotum Poles, Pigs Are Cute became part of Dundee's alternative music scene around 1982. Ditching the Scrotes punky sound they opted for a fresher, new wave presentation, both musically and in appearance. The 4 chaps hogging the limelight were - Craig Methven - Glen Connell - Neil Smillie & Kevin Devlin.
Typical gigs would be the Tayside Bar with Persian Rugs, or further afield in Arbroath with Pulsebeat Plus, a show that had Sounds music journalist, Johnny Waller in attendance.
They also managed to get 3 of their tracks recorded at Inner City Sound Studios, one of which you can hear below, called "Our Father", a tune that hints at the early 80's sound of moody Manchester.



  1. Kevin Devlin was a good drummer. What he doing now?

  2. Am I falling into a trap here ! Glen was the drummer ! was kevin not guitar / synth ? shit I should know this! craig is going to be so pissed of with me!
    anyway , "our father" was always my fav Pigs are Cute song and craig always sung it very passionately, great to hear it again.

  3. Pretty good actually, is that Hooky on bass?

  4. Glen was the drummer in Pigs are Cute, Kevin played synth, Neill played bass. Kevin was the drummer in the Megazones previous to being in Pigs are Cute. He was a brilliant bloke, hated playing the synth and wanted to get back to playing the drums. Hazy memories now but I think he joined Pulsebeat Plus....??

  5. So if Kevin was a brilliant bloke, what happened to him, smack, dirty harry, come on spill the beans brother.

  6. AWOL like so many...

  7. Dundee seems to always have had a lot of talented musicians. Pity I was too young to be there.

    Anglea Harvey.