Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Here's a review of a gig by Edinburgh band The Delmontes, that appeared in Cranked Up fanzine in 1981.
This Bowling Alley performance was the band's 3rd visit to Dundee having previously played at the University and the Hong Kong. They had released a couple of singles by this time and were starting to become pretty well known on the alternative pop scene.
Support act was a band called Photographic Memories, from Perth.
The show got a C.U. thumbs up, and you can read all about the evening by clicking the image for the large version.


  1. that looks like craig methvens typewriter font, but I could be wrong !

  2. No Mike not mine - nor I think Jock's. I only saw them at the Hong Kong....

  3. Na, not mine either.
    Alan Officer?
    Ann Oliver?
    I think I was with Craig at the Hong Kong gig.
    Some Dundee pap passed a note to the keyboard player with 'Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Oz' for her to read out.
    The vocalist looked at her feet the whole gig.
    This was introspection in action.
    They were pretty good though and I still have a Delmontes single in a lurid cover in its poly bag.