Tuesday 13 September 2011


The 18th January 1980 saw The Clash rumbling into town for a gig at the Caird Hall.
This was their "16 Tons Tour", the band arriving on stage to the sound of Tennessee Ernie Ford's version of the song "16 Tons".
Quite a lively night needless to say, the band wearing black, red & white combination gear and telling the crowd at the front to stop gobbing!
There were at least 2 dozen songs in their set on the night, recordings of which exist and I have in my collection.
I was tempted to accompany this item with a Caird Hall sound sample but I thought you'd like what's below even better.
It's footage of the band in Dundee the day after the gig, about to depart for their next show elsewhere.
It has Joe Strummer doing his bit for the camera, filmed at the Tay Hotel and around the corner area of Whitehall Crescent.
The cops are making their presence known too....just in case!


  1. Still got my ticket from that night and I remember Jos Strummer getting pissed off and shouting "Are we gonna have a gobbing night?"
    That clip, I've seen a similar one on a Smiths documentary, filmed from the same place (outside McDaniels looking over to the Club Bar). It was when the Smiths played Dundee in 1986.

    Wee bit of trivia. My daughter & boyfriend moved to Oz 6 months ago, he plays in bands so was in a music shop chatting to some cool older guy, had a good chat about music etc. When the guy left, the shop guy says Did you know he used to be in The Clash? Turns out it was Nick Sheppard (ex Cortinas) who replaced Mick Jones. OK it's not Joe Strummer but still... :-)

  2. * Not Jos Strummer, his cousin Joe.

  3. Fascinatin' video!
    I wonder how many other local clips like that are floating around?

  4. Over 30 years on I still think back to that night. For the best part of a month I'd been listening to the newly released London Calling - music to my ears - and here they were... in my home town playing some of these new songs - Brand New Cadillac, Jimmy Jazz, London Calling, Koka Kola, Guns of Brixton, Train In Vain, Wrong `Em Boyo and Clampdown. There had been a good few bands at the Caird Hall around this time - The Jam, Elvis Costello, Boomtown Rats, Buzzcocks... but nothing came close to The Clash. How I'd have loved to see them more than just the once, but maybe it's just right having that one special 'live' memory of them. I have my 'front area' ticket stub, kept flat in one of my hardbacks... but despite flicking through my many books, I can't find it! Many thanks for posting your ticket stub on this great site. Stay free!

  5. "Don't think I've ever come across somebody so hurting for fame in my life!".....from a earlier post..! my picture was in the courier or people journal, cant remember which , me getting dragged on stage at this gig then i got thrown out ! seen the clash loads so was no big deal..later played with Strummer with the wilderness children

  6. was this the gig they were backed by the 'Visitors' from Edinburgh,(a brave bunch)who were a shit OMD.
    what I remember of this gig was a two thirds empty lower half of the Caird hall I got in for free with Al Hendricks 'to make up the crowd' we left before the end as it was dire. Had seen them before and never rated them much but their publicity machine worked well and they stood out from the rest of 'the punk bands' by not being one.

  7. pray tell Joe...who were "the Punk Bands"


  8. 30 years later and still the best gig I ever saw. Wish I had the bootleg. I've compiled the set from various bootlegs as playlist. Down the front when someone got a kick in the teeth from Joe for spitting at him.

    I think there was a BBC Nationwide documentary team filming The Clash at the show. I remember Mick Jones was giving people a sneaky in through the dressing room.

  9. In 1980, I was approached by a guy in the street in 1980, who said "u want a wee job?" I was very suspicious at the word job, in them days. It turns out he wants ME to put around Dundee, the posters and flyers for the Clash tour!

    In return, I get Tickets for the gig at the Caird Hall and a load of Clash posters n Flyers (16 Tons tour with dates: must have been 50 at least). No brainer lol.

    Needless to say, I sold all the posters to friends and put the flyers out to local record stores.

    On the day of the gig, I helped the roadies in with the stage gear and got a backstage pass for my trouble. Then I sold the tickets I got free, outside the gig for a tidy sum.

    Best bit is, cause i was "part of the crew", I got to go to Edinburgh gig for free also (that was when half the tam got arrested in Dundee for 'stealing' a bottle of Campari from the bar: Don Letts if I remmenber right?).

    Not sure why I always liked the Clash! lol

  10. Would love to know if there is any video footage of this gig. I got on stage 3 times, arm around Strummer, before being warned of a beating if it happened again