Monday, 12 September 2011


Samantha's in South Tay Street was quite a short lived discotheque, on the go from 1976 to 78, so these ads above are a bit of a rare sight.
The first 2 are from the Dundee Telegraph and are dated December 1977.
The top one is a general ad emphasising their weekend disco action.
It also mentions the Stage Door Bar - that was the pub at the back of Samantha's in the Marketgait that had a connecting doorway taking you to the disco. It saved trekking around the block to the main entrance.
The second ad is for a midweek event, the visitor being Richard Searling.
I remember Richard's name cropping up every week back then in music mags such as Black Echoes and Blues & Soul. He was a DJ specialising in soul music, both the Northern Soul variety and the more up-to-the-minute dance tracks. In fact he was quite an influential DJ, not only was he a Wigan Casino regular, but he was the guy who brought the original "Tainted Love" to the attention of clubbers.
Just a bit of general background info to give you an idea of the entertainment on offer at the time.
An example of the kind of bands that performed here are shown in the next 3 items.
Firstly an ad that appeared in NME in October 1978 featuring tour dates for punk band, 999, who had Samantha's as a venue on 22 October. To go with it is a gig guide showing the same date, with Simple Minds also on the bill.
The last item shows that Ultravox played at Samantha's a couple of weeks earlier on 8 October '78.
Many thanks to Yvonne for the Telegraph ads.

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  1. I remember going to see Simple Minds on that Sunday. Was under age (don't tell anyone!)