Sunday, 18 September 2011

SANDS ADS - 1977

Those of you who liked to boogie on down at the Sands, had this typical disco action to choose from back in 1977.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were straight forward disco stints.
You may recall that you got in at half price on Sundays if you reached the doors before 8:30 - an offer we often took advantage of regularly!
Not sure what the Wednesday event in the top ad was though - Discorama with DJ Charlie Chuckles? Sounds more like a circus act than a night of clubbing!
The other ad mentions a new Friday resident - DJ Alex Soutar, with regular, DJ Ed Sweeney, doing Sunday nights.
And of course, Saturday lunchtimes had the jazz sessions in full flow with Jimmy Deuchar. These changed in the late 70's to Sunday lunchtime sessions.


  1. Fond wonderful memories.Dancing at its best.
    Bill Nelson

  2. My friends and I used to follow Alex Soutar around the venues. The Sands, The Galleon, The Invercarse Hotel.....!!