Sunday, 25 September 2011


Darts were in town, throwing down a bit of doo-wop at the Caird Hall on 9th October 1979.
Did they have a No1 hit? I was just thinking, that is the lowest score you can get on a dartboard!


  1. Of course there is a strong Dundee connection to the band ‘Darts’ – guitarist George Currie comes from Dundee and having left the band at the end of the ‘Dart Attack’ tour he moved from his adopted home in London back to Dundee. George played on, and wrote, some of Darts hits. Darts had 10 top 20 hits from 1977 to 1979 and in one year had 3 consecutive number 2 hits. I’ve met George Currie on several occasions, when he was in Darts and since he left, he’s a top guy. I believe George spends his time hill walking. Darts still tour, appearing at festivals throughout Europe with George back on guitar. A real Dundee musician who’s earned his stripes.

    Darts Hits

    Daddy Cool
    Come Back My Love
    The Boy From New York City
    It's Raining
    Don't Let It Fade Away
    Get It
    Duke Of Earl
    Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
    Reet Petite
    Let's Hang On

  2. I was at this. As a young, 15 year old from Kirriemuir, this was my first proper gig of any considerable size.

    Alas, Big Den Hegarty had left the band by this time (in order to clown around on TISWAS, I think) and had been replaced by American Kenny Andrews.

    I got to meet the band in their hospitality room backstage afterwards. Boy, was it a tip! Furniture pulled from a skip, I'd have thought. Plenty of autographs and the aforesaid Kenny Andrews was the friendliest of them all. I must have spent 10 minutes chatting with him. The others were great, too.

    Alas, I don't think they ever returned to Dundee.


    Yogi the Bear.