Wednesday, 21 September 2011

4 MYSTERY ACTS - 1980's

Here we have a sequence of photos that were taken at various venues in town around the mid/late 80's period, the acts of which managed to slip through the net undocumented. So I thought I'd throw this one open to you lot out there to see if you can identify any of the above - whether from memory or by research.
The top one featuring somebody sporting the cowgirl look - both the act and the venue needs to be known. Any ideas?
Next one down with the female trio, was taken at Sessions. Were they backing singers or the main act?
Third image is also at Sessions, this time featuring a jazz quartet. Recognise any of the musicians?
Lastly, this picture of another group of jazz musicians was snapped at The Rep. Difficult to tell from the back but I was wondering if the saxophonist on the left might be a young Tommy Smith? Can't say for certain though because of the camera position. Do you know who's in the line-up?
See how you get on anyway.
Photos by The Bear.


  1. Picture 2 looks like the Penny Daintees to me. Alison Burns on the right?

  2. Top picture is Cherry Vanilla.

  3. Blimey, I've deleted about 10 comments already!
    Most are making the mistake of adding more names with question marks.
    I've already done the question bit in the caption, I only need to know the answers in the comments.
    If you don't have a definite accurate answer, stay clear of the comments.
    Same goes for the gimpy ones!

  4. Defo Penny Dainties, Not Alison again shirley? :) and Frances thingy, she was superb, i think i saw her sing in the rendezvous about 12 months preggie, still sang well tho

  5. Pic 3 Campbell Normand on piano, Ricky Steele bass and Ken Mathieson drums and sax player Jimmy Wood.


  6. Other photie from the rep
    drummer Martin Dibbs bass Alastair Burnett. Ian Scott on piano. The sax player is Dick Lee.

  7. Penny Daintess are L-R Tricia Grimes, Jane Grimes and Alison Burns.