Friday, 9 September 2011


I've already raided this magazine for its content on quite a few previous posts, and so this is me just getting round to putting the front cover up on view now.
From 1989 - it's "On The Street" - a local what's-on guide given away free.
Jock Ferguson was the main contributor at the time, with some assistance from P.Ireland, D.Ireland & Paul Clementsmith, the publication being designed and produced by The Graphix Studio in Westport.
It was stuffed with theatre reviews, gig reviews, cinema listings, humour, events, the usual kind of thing you'd expect in a local entertainments mag - and of course, lots of adverts.
The majority of material in it I've used over the past couple of years, so about the only thing remaining I've not put on display is this ad for Groucho's, emphasising their badge service rather than record stock.
On the street and on the badge!
Many thanx to Jock.

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