Sunday, 25 September 2011


Here's an ad for Sparks tour dates which includes a visit to the Caird Hall on 20th November 1974.
No idea what happened, but I missed out on this gig - gutted!
The 2 Sparks albums released that year ("Kimono My House" & "Propaganda") were two of the best albums of 1974 - I played them to death!
Anyway, a wee side note - Billy MacKenzie & Steve Aungle recorded one of their songs later in life - "Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" off Propaganda.


  1. Sparks were and still are fantastic-one of the most innovative bands - don't believe me, check out their last 2 releases exotic creatures and ingmar Bergman- brilliant stuff.
    I was at this as a 13 year old and they were so different from what else was around at the time- loads of punk bands were influenced by them.

  2. Must agree. Didn't see them here but have seen them a few times over the years. Saw them do "Kimono My House" at Morrisseys Meltdown a few years back. Fantastic.

  3. I was there aged fourteen-amazing concert. Later attended their hotel(the derelict one now opposite the station-can't remember it's name) as they were being interviewed by -? local 'pop' reporter for Telegraph /?Courier. Myself and 2 school friends took photographs (B+W) of Ron and Russell and during concert(from about the third row) which I still have. Can't remember how we managed to talk our way into the hotel. Will try to digitise and email if you wish. Enjoying the site -thanks

  4. Money was tight back in 74 and I always had it in my mind that I had a choice of going to see Sparks or Queen - and I chose Sparks. Checking back on concert dates, I think I'm wrong but, 40 years on, I'm almost content that I chose Sparks. Some of their work over the last 20 years is fantastic - destined to be treated as 'the classics' when future generations look back.

    40 years ago? Really?

  5. we were there too....and managed to meet them backstage....then we were coming down stairs to get back to main hall and Pilot, who were then playing on stage, began singing ho ho ho its Magic...and we were crying with happiness :)