Thursday, 1 September 2011


Not sure if yesterdays location was a place to go fishing but in 1962, Gow's in Union Street, brought out this catalogue showcasing the fishing equipment they had available at their shop.
The book had the full range of gear you'd expect - rods, reels, flies, waders, and so on, plus they also had a few gift items such as tankards, wallets, cigarette cases etc.
There was a brand of fishing equipment on the go at the time called the "Tayside" range, which included the Tayside Fly Rod, Spinning Rod, Artificial Bait, Sprat & Prawn Tackle, Cast Book, and the example shown here being the Tayside Bag.
While I was at it, I thought I'd stick on the Tayside Fly Rod section because it had an amusing error, detailing a "19ft" rod, when it should have been 10ft.
19ft?....what a whopper!
At the back of the book they list all the nearby rivers and lochs you could visit to indulge in the sport.
The book was also published locally - by David Winter.


  1. A great wee shop just for staring in the window wanting things you couldnt afford. They had a great selection of pocket and sheath knives I remember.

    Was there a horrible robbery there in the '90s?

  2. Yeah, I remember that. It was even featured on Crimewatch UK.

  3. I think this was a rival to Shotcast, i used to go there for my wee tin of air gun pellets .33 i think, also sold the darts and paper targets .