Saturday, 24 September 2011


Elsewhere on Retro Dundee I have mentioned the various musical escapades of 2 local musicians who often worked together - keyboard player, Mike Fraser, and drummer Robbie McIntosh.
Well R&B pop outfit, The Primitives, was one such band in which Mike & Robbie teamed up with, this being after their stint in The Senate. Although The Primitives were a British act, it was in Italy where they were best known and where oor twa spent their time with them, the band having an alternating residency at the fab & famous Piper Club in Rome, a venue visited by top name bands.
It was during this groovy time in their life that Mike & Robbie ended up in a movie, an Italian film made in 1969 called "Pensiero d'amore", footage of which I have below.
But before that, a quick word on the above photos...
Top one is a film shot of The Primitives.
Next one down with all the dancers is another film shot.
Third image was taken at a live gig.
And the last picture is a general publicity shot.
So, settle down, cut yourself a slice of pizza and enjoy this rare movie scene below.
To see Mike on keyboards and Robbie on drums, you'll need to ignore singer Mal, all the dolly birds, as well as the Mafia, and just concentrate on the background action!
I don't recall this movie showing at The Gaumont!!
Big thanks to Mike Fraser and Mac.

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