Thursday, 8 September 2011


These 2 poems penned by Paul Weller, were published in Dundee fanzine, Cranked Up, in the early 80's.
The reason they ended up there was because they came from Alan Matheson. Alan used to correspond with Paul Weller, and during the course, Paul would send examples of his poetry up to him.
Alan was working in DC Thomson's at the time, notably with pop/teen mag, Jackie.
Alan actually had the lyrics to The Jam's "That's Entertainment" a year before it came out as a single.
Anyway, Alan passed these two poems on to Cranked Up, and they may very well be exclusives!
Bearing in mind that poems don't always mean they are song lyrics, however I did a bit of research on the net with songs in mind, and I found 1 tiny sketchy reference linking Paul Weller to "Along The Grove", which may possibly have been recorded as a demo. Nothing clearer than that.
As for "Optimmorning"- absolutely nothing whatsoever cropping up on that one at all.
I know Paul has dabbled in publishing too, with the material not relating to his musical output, but I can't find any trace of info about the two poems above via that route either.
So if there are any Paul Weller aficionados out there who can pass on further details, feel free to share it here.
"Optimmorning" - published in Cranked Up 1981.
"Along The Grove" - published in Cranked Up 1982.
Alans brother, Keith, played in Big Blue 72, a band who have been featured on Retro, and he has also had a stint working in Grouchos.
Sadly, Alan Matheson died in 2002.
Click on the poems to enlarge, if you are struggling to read them as they are.


  1. Alan was always very sharp, love the Jam, of course, and was a croupier when he wasnt at DCs. I remember him getting "Here come the Fire Engines" into a story in the Dandy or Beano. So sad to hear his passing....

  2. Never knew Alan had died. R.I.P. Last time I saw him was around 1997 am sure he was wotking in IT for DC Thomson (Scotland On Line?). Not seen nor heard of Keith for a long time. Is he still based in Dundee? Making music? Gigging with Kit etc?

  3. My name is Gemma Matheson and Alan was my Dad. I'd like to thank you for posting this on your blog :)

    I have a copy of some of the letters that went back and forth between my Dad and Paul.

    I'd also like to say to Anonymous - My Uncle Keith is no longer living in Dundee, he is happily married in Edinburgh and I believe is no longer in touch with Kit.

  4. I have that Lp it was recored live and it has photographs of the days production and guests