Sunday, 4 September 2011


This is the very first issue of View magazine, a free Dundee arts guide, published in 1978.
I've put up the foreword to give you the general gist of the mag content that outlines their coverage of local exhibitions and plans for the future.
Along with reviews of the main art centres in town, it also gives the lowdown on the 2 galleries shown above - the Dudhope Arts Centre and the Forebank Studios.
The Dudhope Arts Centre in St. Mary Place had workshop facilities for drawing, print making, painting etc, as well as it being a place putting on exhibitions, concerts, dance performances, that kind of thing. In addition, their coffee-bar area would be used for one-man shows.
The Forebank Studios in the Hilltown started up in 1976 when a group of local artists moved into what was an empty school at the time, and with a little help from the Scottish Arts Council, the Dundee Group (Artists) came into being.
The studios were both an artists workplace and exhibition space.
There is also mention in View about a new film theatre that was due to open in 1979.
That was the Steps Theatre, which as we all know, opened AND closed down, ironically, because of the DCA springing up!

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