Wednesday, 7 September 2011


A dip into Dundee's underground publishing now, courtesy of Aagapublications.
This book called "Views From Urban Dwellings" came out in 1983 and was the 2nd volume of the title.
Aagaproductions is credited as being Mike Kane & Steve Grimmond, who also make an appearance as contributors.
The others who submitted material for vol 2 were - Kevin Dyer, Ray Flood, Pete Horobin, Charles Lear, Craig Methven, Bob Philips and Steve Sneyd.
The content of the book was a mixture of poems, short stories, photos, musings, art, short plays, bits & pieces like that.
In fact I've already featured the graphics of Pete Horobin from the book, so this time I thought I'd focus on the writing and have plucked out an example of Ray Flood's poetry.
This one titled "The Meaning Of Life" deals with the routine and boredom of being stuck in a mundane job.
He mentions he gets the 1B into the city centre to work at "JM".
John Menzies? Could be..!
Anyway, big thanks to Craig.


  1. JM? Some electrical company - 'couldn't put my contacts in with dirty hands'??

  2. I thought the books he was reading might have been a perk of the job working at Menzies!
    There probably were other "JM" places in centre of town.

  3. I remember Ray when we were boys growing up in St Fillans Road.
    He always had a lively imagination.

  4. I mind Pete H. from D.of J. in the 70s - wonder what he's up to now.

  5. Me and ray worked in John Menzies warehouse we were in charge of magazine distribution , I use to go to work early before the boss got in and photocopy views..the voice..hundreds of band photoshop..just cut and paste ..and pritt stick..loved that DIY feel...wish I had to energy and enthusiasm to do it again !

  6. Pete curates exhibitions as far as I know , saw him a couple of weeks ago and he is in process of ending his DATA project and sending all his archive material to various places..


  7. And was the Shila in the poem the cat that you had Mike. The Siamese....

  8. Hi Craig ...yes it was that little fuckin cat that I hated and sold to Ray...I have a dog now they are way more better :)

  9. remember when Ronnie Lawson threw a half-eaten burger on to your gas fire.....

  10. yes ...hence he was is AAGA for one day :)