Tuesday, 20 September 2011


In July 2010, I put an article up on Retro about the "Peoples Festival" that took place at Baxter Park in 1981.
This was coordinated by a group of Anti-Nuclear organisations who went under the banner of No Nukes Music.
The review I posted back then came from Cranked Up fanzine, but it didn't really contain much info about the bands who were playing.
The review above, however, was published in the Courier and gives an account of the same event, including naming some of the acts who were performing.
So there was - RB's - Gypsy Joe - The Shoplifters - Alternative - Toxic Effects - Blaise - plus a few others.
There are also a couple of words from those in the crowd who give their opinion of the event - which appeared to get a thumbs up in general.
The other item is for another Baxter Park festival, this time celebrating International Youth Year - which was 1985.
Some of the bands taking part in this do were - AAGA - Chilli Peppers - Life Support - Plastic Surgery - plus others.
This article appeared in Deadbeat fanzine.
You'll need to give the Courier item a click to read the enlarged version.

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