Friday, 16 September 2011


There is already a track by The Blush up on Retro Dundee which was taken from the "Dundee Compilation Cassette" and so was not really considered an official release, technically speaking.
This one above, however, was the band's "official" release, recorded at Wilf Smarties studios and came out in 1982.
It is a double A-side - "A Look From Outside" & "Skipping", and when it was out it became a Radio Tay "Toe-Tapper", that is, it got played on the station, twice a day for 2 weeks!
In previous items about them on Retro, I have The Blush line-up as - Jeff Doran, vocal & guitar - Eddie Robertson, guitar - Steve Duncan, bass and Steve Aungle, drums.
If it's still the same team on this recording then most have adopted pseudonyms on the cover, and they have also recruited a keyboard player.
Should this be Steve Aungle we're hearing on drums, then just like yesterday's band, there is a connection with Billy Mackenzie because later, Steve went on to record with Billy.
Coincidentally, The Associates also recorded a track called "Skipping" in 1982, appearing on the "Sulk" album, but a totally different song.
This is the track I've opted for to tune into, it being a bit edgier than the flip side.
Quite a lengthy robust intro, but it does break into song...eventually!


  1. These guys were really good, played well and had very commercial material. Far, far better than most of the other bands around Dundee.
    Along with Parades, they had a quality that should have got them beyond the Tayside Bar. Steve Duncan aka 'Bloke' was a Beaver Sister for a year which at least got him to Montrose! The single isn't as good as their other stuff and seemed an odd choice for release.'Gigi' was a track I remember being good pop.
    Ach well.

    Jock F

    1. That's not you, Jock Longhorn, is it? This is Jeff Doran of the Blush.

  2. I purchased a copy of this single in Marlow, Bucks, Oxfam yesterday. Interesting to read the history about it. Paul J.

    1. Hello, Paul J. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  3. If you are in touch with Jeff Doran tell him Shaun from Liverpool has been looking for him for about thirty years now! Would be great to meet up

  4. Hello Shaun, I can't place you but this is me replying to you. Jeff