Thursday, 15 September 2011


Parades were a new wave/alternative pop act on the go in Dundee in 1981-82.
Line-up : Steve Knight, bass - Mike Knight, guitar - Sandy Chisholm, drums - Angus McFarlane, vocals.
They had a really good reputation at the time, almost everyone in agreement that they were a top notch band.
The 2 Cranked Up reviews were both caught live at the Tayside Bar - top one being their debut gig in 1981, and the lower one from 1982.
Parades sound was compared to The Associates, and there is probably a very good reason for this, because bassist, Steve Knight, used to be in The Associates. That's a picture of Steve I've put up to accompany the reviews.
There is also a mini interview with the guys when they all met up in the Tav for a chinwag.
As far as I know, Parades split later in 1982 after Steve set sights on a move to London.
You'll need to click on the top sheet to read the enlarged version.


  1. I remember them tuning up ALL THE TIME between each and every song. They were not bad but strangely unlovable.

  2. I think Steve was also in Sweden Thu The Ages and The Rainmates.We really do need a Pete Frame type Dundee Rock Family tree. Who would feature most and what would be the most unlikely link?


  3. Has anyone got any MP3 of this band they dont sound band would love to hear. Sweden Thru The Ages that rings a bell Billy Mackenzie helped with vocals on It helps to Cry EP from around 86.

  4. chorus/echo/ego . superb , still dae a weddin' tho :=)