Monday, 24 May 2010


I thought I'd end this recent short, but cheery jaunt up Hawkhill, with how I started it - a visit to Frew's.
Here's the man himself emerging from behind the pillar.
The picture was taken by Moira Bird who, along with fellow Art College pal, Bob McGouldrick, would go there on Friday nights to sell tickets for the Students Union disco down Hawkhill Place.
Willie was known to slip them the odd free pint when they were broke!
The snapshot was taken around Christmas 1977.
Big thanks to Bob


  1. Thanks for the pic, Willie is my grandpa and hasn't changed much to this day.

  2. This must be Christmas 1978 not '77 as the girl at the bar is my wife Morag Muir. She was in 1st year at DOJ at the time. Willie Frew's was simply the best pub in the world( much better then the Tav!). Everybody loved Willie as he was so generous and always had a smile at the ready! I met him a few years ago and he had hardly changed a bit! When I said as much he replied, "Well I never drank what I served to you lot!" Funny fella. Thanks for the memory, absolutely brilliant!

    Gary Gowans

  3. Willie Frew here...this is a great website, so glad I found it! Lots of lovely memories!! Hope all you students out there are doing well.
    Catch me on Facebook!

    The REAL Wille Frew