Saturday, 22 May 2010


Moving further up the Hawkhill from yesterdays location, you'd find The Corner bar on the junction of Peddie Street.
In the 70's, when the pub was run by Jim Butters, one of The Corner bar regulars emigrated to Canada. Many years later in the mid 90's he came back to visit Dundee, and one of the first things he did was to venture up to his favourite pub. When he got there he was shocked to see that it had changed to the Hawkhill Tavern, along with a change of owner. He stepped inside and looked around it, half amazed, half saddened, then he spotted the new owner, Ray Martin, so he went over to greet him and exclaimed - "I can't believe it's not Butters!".
The above picture was taken in the early 80's, but below you can view the same corner from ground level, the footage dating from the late 60's.
There is a guy walks passed carrying a guitar & amplifier and is seen going off along the cobbled Hawkhill. It would be good to think that it might be Jim Kelly away to a gig in the Invercarse!
Oh yeah, and watch out for the ghost car..!!


  1. Believe Jimmy Cattanach was the one time landlord of the 'Hawkie'. Can't remember exactly when.

  2. The block which extended around the corner and up Peddie St. was the subject of dodgy councillor dealings and was ultimately done up by Cleghorn.This has been done by the time this photo was taken as is witnessed by the Velux windows in the roof space.The shop beside the pub was of course Rainbow Music in the eighties before changing into a second hand shop and is now a flat.Beyond that, the open space was, I think, a scrap yard (Cosgroves?). This was built on approx. 1990 by Cleghorn and provides flats mainly for older people.

  3. I had 2 cousins living on Peddie Street in the late 80s/early 90s.

    That photo of the pub brings back some memories :-)

  4. ..the view of the pub and Peddie St brings back such good memories. I lived at No 2 Peddie Street, top-floor flat. for the first 7 years of my life between 62 - 69. Many happy growing up memories!

  5. It was Jim Cattanach - he was Jim Buttars son in law- I (Grant Anderson) worked there as a part timer with malcolm cattanach, Jim's son. There was Belle the cleaner, Ernie broon and Jim McGregor as regulars - some great folk, some hardnuts and some shysters who would sell their granny!!

  6. my dad worked for jim butters in the 1950s and my uncle worked there who also lived at 8 peddie street before going to Canada ,my gran granda had the paper shop just beside taits lane ,also mind of got my first bike from reilys bike shop across the road next to fords lane and the ice cream shop