Thursday, 13 May 2010


March 1975 was the month Average White Band became superstars!
The front page of the Melody Maker documented the moment with their WHITE HEAT headline, along with a picture of Dundee Horns - Molly Duncan & Roger Ball.
The story that declared AWB such hot property was the fact that they had just reached No1 in both the singles & albums charts, in the same week, over in the USA.
As a consequence, however, because of this surge of popularity in the States, the band decided to leave UK to set up a home base in America.


  1. The boys did so well didn't they. Settle an argument somebody. Was Tam Parks a roadie for the AWB?

  2. Yes ,he was a roadie with AWB

  3. The write-up inside the MM has...while in the States, AWB played futba all day in the grounds of mansions owned by wealthy tycoons, then played music and partied all night!
    It's tough at the top!!

  4. Rebop Tommy Parks,what a character,last saw him pished on a bench in the City Square,just after I joined the Polis....having met him previously he was woken up and put on his way,,it was Feb 1983 and I knew he had roadied with Wings when they had rcently played in Venice. Favouritism ?... eh! so what,I had been drinking with him on the previous encounter.
    Rock on Tommy....a real gent.