Saturday, 15 May 2010


Admit it. You're dying to hear another Dean and Dawn delight!
Well you're spoilt for choice here with this EP they released in the late 80's.
5 new songs, which, in their own words on the record sleeve, will give their fans "something else to rave about"!!
Just what imaginary fantasy land were they living in?
Now if they had stated that they were a clubby act, then that would have been fair enough, but they were trying to pass themselves off as "International recording artistes" during it all.
Somehow they managed to avoid the Trades Description Act!
Anyway, getting back to the record, I already have songs up on Retro about the Discovery and the Balaena, so I thought I'd go for the hat-trick by choosing their song about the Unicorn.
You can't help like the amateurishness of this performance, what with Dean not knowing whether to, or how to, harmonise, cutting each attempt short. Then there's the big duff chord halfway through. Not forgetting the hilarious John Shuttleworth keyboard which makes the whole thing sound like a comedy record. Yes it truly is a classic!!
They say Dean and Dawn give their fans "something that no other performers have".
Now that's just asking for trouble..!!
Big thanks to the Bear


  1. Is the picture on the right the one occasion this guy wasn`t off his tree ? That must have been some photo-shoot. :-)

  2. I'm really beginning to warm at the thought of Dawn as a kissogram, in a Life On Mars kinda way...

  3. that is marvellous. Dean and Dawn as DIY punk/folk pioneers. Deranged. If this was late 80's why hadn't they got at least a little bit better. Come on GG we want more...what about their other "hit single", "Going Back to Dundee"?

  4. I had lost my hearing for a few days recently due to an ear infection... I'm now sorry I took ny medication

  5. Is this all for real or are you having a laugh with us Retro Dundee?

  6. Sorry this one leaves you dazed, Confused, but it's for real alright.
    A case of fact being stranger than fiction!
    I don't want anybody to overdose on the dynamic duo, so I'm gonna leave it at that for now, but I will be dipping into this ep again sometime later. GG

  7. Sounds like a pissed up new year party for the sad four that some smart asre has recorded with a tape recorder hidden under the bed

    and as Craig said DIY punk/folk pioneers might just be the slot for them

    keep finding them please GG its the best cure for depression I know.

  8. There's nowt stranger than folk...

  9. If you do a close-up of the picture of dean in his tree im sure you`ll agree a delve into his wardrobe would be a hoot,What is he wearing on his feet?

  10. I saw Dean years ago when I was a kid, he was walking through town in full "I'm a superstar mode" grinning and waving at anyone who looked in his direction (I think it was his somewhat distinctive hairstyle more than anything else that attracted the attention).
    I asked my dad if he was someone famous. He replied "Aye, but only in his imagination."

  11. Ha. "Limited Edition". Probably due more to necessity than choice.

  12. Still no words of encouragement yet from any of their eager fans!

  13. Shame they no longer exist as i would be eager to see them live purely for the comedy element.

  14. I love the fact that this is recorded "as live", on what sounds like a little portastudio, with no attempt to edit out the gaffs, making it sound more like a demo than a proper recording session. Surely "television, radio and recording artistes" would have known better?

    I'm also guessing that EEL Records (who they?) didn't have an A&R department.

    Otherwise, I love it!

  15. I'm guessing that EEL stands for Eastwood Entertainments Limited which was Dean's company. He was a booking agent for bands/discos at the time.

  16. They wouldn't even make any money going out out guising!!