Sunday, 23 May 2010


1st October 1982 : After leaving the Tav, blootered, me, Paula & Marian, decided to go for some grub along the Nethergate. It was raining, but we cared not a jot. Giggling and staggering about trying to negotiate the wee side streets beside the University, one of us suggested that we all change clothes. It seemed like a stoopid idea, so needless to say we all agreed. We found an alcove in one of the buildings where we proceeded to exchange togs. Luckily for me they weren't wearing anything too girly! Now that the 3 of us looked complete idiots, the laughter increased. Further down I spotted this overflowing ronepipe gushing like a waterfall, so we all dashed over and stood under it until we were absolutely drenched. It was all rather hysterical by the time we reached the Nethergate, but we managed to get to the Chinese takeaway. We trooped in like drooned rats, with the girl behind the counter looking a bit concerned. Off the top of my head I ended up telling her that we were over in Tayport, missed the last bus and so had to swim back across! Just for a couple of seconds she actually believed it, till we burst out laughing and gave the guff awa'..!!

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