Wednesday, 5 May 2010


To coincide with Rag Week 1978, the University brought out this LP to help the fund raising campaign.
"Dundee Folk" is an album of various artists from the folk scene, including - Aileen Carr - Fair Game - Chris Davies and a few others. It was recorded in Dundee and is on the Better Bacon Records label.
The sound sample I have chosen is by a band called Dingly Dell, who hail from just across the bridge, and it's a traditional folk song about the Dundee whaling ship "Balaena".


  1. I have that album in my attic and was given it by my Dad, Dave Davidson of Dingly Dell, who sadly was killed in 1992. The two other members, one of whom is my mum, are alive and well :)

  2. I recorded and produced the Dundee Folk Album. I remember Dave and Dingly Dell with great fondness. I think I met the band at Dave's house across the river - Tayport or Wormit? The other members of the band were Chic Batchelor (guitar & mandloin) and Jan Caldon (Tin Whistle) - please pass on all best wishes and some great memories from back in the day
    Charles Lovatt