Monday, 17 May 2010


I've already posted quite a few articles up on Retro taken from Street Life magazine, so thought it was time to give the mag itself a wee mention.
This was Dundee's free "What's On" guide for the late 80's, and as you'd expect, covered the local music scene, theatre, style, art exhibitions, cinema and generally showcasing the most interesting entertainment on the go at the time.
The main Editorial team were - John Harding and Andrew Martin - who had a good squad of contributors to work with, such as Pete Hood doing music, Joe Jordan doing photography, and a few others in the mix.
As well as the info inside vying for your attention, the covers were pretty eye-catching too, with their distinctive red, black & white graphics.
Here's 4 examples plucked out at random - top left was the 1st anniversary issue and featured a few of the previous years covers, on the cover. Top right has local band Joe Public. Bottom left was a May Week special and bottom right features The Rainmates. All from 1988.
Big thanks to the Bear


  1. Paris Hulltoon19 May 2010 at 16:28

    I'm almost certain that the male member for The Rainmates on that picture was my Computing teacher at St John's, Mr Thompson. He's a good guy and I'm sure he played keys on 'Mary's Prayer' as well!

  2. Go to the top of the class!
    The Rainmates were Alison Burns on vocals and Derek Thomson on keyboards.

  3. Having some fun trawling the site for stuff from my time in Dundee in the 80's. Nice to see Street Life. I had cartoons in three of the issues up there. Four-framers, they were and just little off the wall.

    Happy days!