Sunday, 16 May 2010


Dundee accordionist, John Huband, was highly regarded on the folk circuit, a reputation which was enhanced when he teamed up with the illustrious, Jim Reid, also from Dundee.
However, it's not just folk music John had on his CV. In the mid 60's he released a couple of singles on Andy Lothian's ALP record label - these were traditional Scottish dance band tunes, one of which became famous for being the theme tune jingle to the newly established broadcaster, Radio Scotland.
On the "Live From Invercarse Hotel" LP recorded in 1973, the John Huband Trio, play a variety of musical styles - a touch of Bob Dylan, some Scottish reels, a bit of blues, a movie soundtrack, a dash of country & western, an Irish jig, and this one here, a jazz standard from the 1940's "Tangerine". Although it's a short track, it certainly showcases John's considerable accordion technique. The amount of activity he can squeeze in, in such a short space of time, is quite amazing! Accompanying him are Jim Cruickshank and Joe Mackay, who just manage to keep pace!
It is definitely more, hot club gypsy jazz, than folk!


  1. yes drfinately more jazz than folk, very good indeed

  2. What a musician, great stuff.

  3. Its quite refreshing to be honest after listening to Dean and Dawn (of the dead)to be fair.

  4. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a student of John's years ago.

    He was an extremely talented individual.

  5. Nice to see and hear Joe as well. He and his wife Ann have also produced a very talented family.