Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Exactly 37 years ago, singer, Nana Mouskouri, brought along her Athenians to the Caird Hall to entertain the masses with her cosy brand of easy listening.
Although she had her own TV show, and guested on many TV variety shows back in the early 70's, I can't recall off the top of my head, any records she had in the singles charts back then, so I think her popularity stemmed from her regular appearances on the telly rather than any particular musical contribution at the time.
She had a pleasant enough personality mind you, and although I wasn't at this concert, I've been told she allowed some of her Dundee fans to meet her backstage for a chat and to sign autographs. All harmless fun I suppose!
Talk about popular - Nana has since gone on to sell 300 million records along the way. She must be loaded! About time she dipped in to help out Greece's current financial crisis!!!
Thanks to Gillian


  1. Immortalised in Fintry ryhming slang as in "awa tae the nana fir a pint" ie The Poorie

  2. Surprised to see there wasn't anyone tempted to drop a comment as Anonymous Kouri..!

  3. Nana wasa big favourite in our house in Dundee in the 60s and 70s - mum's Greek and we had a wee cohort of half Greek/Scots families and relatives across town!