Monday, 10 May 2010


Summer 1989, and organisers in Dundee plan to have a rave at a mystery location, with intent to dance the night away to some acid house music.
Nothing wrong with that... after all, the scene was already up and running down South.
However, like so many raves that were planned in the early days, the Dundee one ran into trouble with the police, who viewed it as being illegal, and who did their best to prevent it taking place.
Although the organisers were under pressure from the police, there were last minute attempts to have the rave on a smaller scale elsewhere, but eventually the "Back To Life" event had to be cancelled.
The disappointed ravers ended up dancing the night away at Fat Sams instead. This included the organisers, who, after leaving Fatties, were tailed by the police back home, just to make sure they didn't sneak off to an illegal dance in the early hours!!
A few other raves did manage to take place around Dundee that summer, undetected by the police. On one occasion, however, a party in Birkhill did get busted. It was one of the "Back To Life" organisers who was involved too, only this time, the organiser was charged and fined for - "broadcasting sounds known as Acid House"!!!!
This ridiculous outcome even got a mention in style magazine, The Face.
I mean, was there ever a crackdown on Roland TB-303 dealers?!!!!
It has to be said though, authority and music have a history of not getting on, whether it be the Communist regime prohibiting jazz in Russia, the American Christian Churches smashing records by The Beatles, Councils in UK banning punk gigs or the police getting het up over a rave - the two sometimes just don't mix!!

The cuttings are from the Tele - dated 11 & 12 August 1989.
Big thanks to JG


  1. I was also charged with 'broadcasting acid house' that evening. Virtually the entire Tayside Police force arrived, and they searched and breathalysed everyone but found nothing. At the trial, the press followed us in and out of the courtroom all week. And the front page of the Evening Telegraph kept calling us 'The Acid House Four' A tad excessive.

  2. i remember we went to tentsmuir i think ned djd on the beach the top track was kariya baby let me love you for tonight