Thursday, 13 May 2010


October 1982 saw Duran Duran arrive in town to play a gig at the Caird Hall.
Although I was well familiar with their chart hits, I didn't get round to going to the show.
I do, however, actually have an unofficial recording of this very concert which reveals that not only did they have a good quality sound live on stage, the recording, needless to say, also has lots of screaming girls on it.
Dundee lassies were not the only ones in the crowd though because interestingly, the Caird Hall gig was the first date that kick-started this particular tour off, and Simon Le Bon says during the recording "Thanks to all the Londoners who came to see us" -  so this was obviously a group of devoted fans who had travelled all the way up to Dundee eager to catch the band on their opening night!
The ad above with the tour dates is from a music paper.

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