Friday, 28 May 2010


Here's me thinking Sunspan was an "Orange only" drink, but there's the evidence on the ad from 1970, that it was also available in Lemon and Cola. Sunspan Cola??!!!
All those fizzy bubbles must have given me the bends and affected my memory!
G & P Barrie were located at 191 Albert Street.
The last of the soft drinks ads is dated 1968 and is for the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant at 181 Clepington Road. This place had a window where passers-by could see inside the factory and watch all the bottles snaking around on the conveyor belts being filled.
The plant was closed down in April 1983.
All together now...
"I'd like to teach the world to sing,
in perfect harmony,
I'd like to buy the world a Coke,
and make redundancies!"


  1. I remember the factory well as I was at St. Michaels /Lawside annex in 1975. The factory was at the corner of Graham Street and Cleppington Road.
    Used to lean against the wall watching all the wee glass bottles of coke going along the conveyer belt. Getting filled with coke then the metal lid fixed to them.
    I remember going to a party that had a crate of bottles, you got money back when you returned the crate full of empties.
    Anyway after watching the bottles it would be a walk round to Mastertons at the top of Arklay Street for a selection of sweets from the penny tray ...

  2. if you hung about long enough we your nose squashed against the windee, a wee woman would pop oot and give you a few bottles that didn't pass the inspection test, god knows what they were lookin for , when the bottles first came round the liquid was split , brown at the bottom , clear at the top, then the machine would turn all the bottles upside doon and back again , hey presto ----- Coke!

  3. It was good to watch the bottling plant in operation, happy days.

  4. watching bottles my my it's no surprise you were sent tae St Michaels

  5. In 1980 I worked in the Coca Cola factory for 6 weeks. It was just temporary. What I had to do was sit and stick a green sticker on all the crates, it was something to do with returning them. I think after 6 weeks the crates would have gone full circle. It was so boring I was always dropping off. We were allowed to take 6 bottles of coke home every night but had to return the empties.