Thursday, 6 May 2010


No, you're not imagining it! It is indeed an album called "Music Live From Invercarse Hotel", released in 1973.
The LP is shared by 2 acts - the A-side has the East Coast Jazz Band, and the B-side has the John Huband Trio.
I'll touch on the B-side a little later, but for now, following on from the previous post, here is a sample of the East Coast Jazz Band in action.
Don't let their formal dress fool you as they get decidedly funky on this track, a version of the Stevie Wonder hit "Superstition". Giving AWB a good run for their money too!
The line-up is the 73 one as listed earlier, with the addition of George Cabrelli on vocal.


  1. if they'd lost the tin flutes grew their hair and beards hey presto Dundee's own Blood Sweat and Tears

  2. I used to work there at that time as a waiter usually on the dinner dances it was a hoot! The Sicilian head waiter Salvatore(very Strict)is the Dude checking the tables on the album cover, He left to go to Le Mirage in Ward Road and Angelo took over at the 'carse. We used to have butter pat fights in the ballroom when setting up the tables which would sometimes degenerate into knife throwing. Nobody ever got seriously injured :). But Angelo used to go mental as there would be butter everywhere and holes in the walls.
    The craziest bit would be at the end of the dinner dances most of the punters would be pissed and they would be given consome in a tiny coffee cup to supposedly sobber up as they staggered off into the car park to try and drive home their Jags and Rovers those were the days!

    1. I worked at the Invercarsestarted in 1975 I got 45p and hour I remember Angelo he used to keep all the tips. I can relate to setting up the ballroom for dinner dances. We used to get the spare dessert which was usually Black Forest Gateau.. We had great fun there used to go to the disco on a Sunday night also. I remember the Assistant Manager was Mr Goball or something like that. Good days working at the Carse but poor wages....

  3. I used to go and have a pint when it was raining ,I worked as a brickie for dye builder next to the hotel , it was always warm ,and just sat down with the mud boots on ,always friendly staff, great days right enough.

  4. I just found a copy of this LP in a charity shop in Arbroath. Happy days.

  5. How much is one of there records worth signed by 3 of them

  6. Judging by previous auctions with items of this rarity, I'd say that it could fetch good money.

    In the right auction with the right buyers you could see as much as £2.40 to £2.90. I have once seen a fluke sale of of a similar record for £4 at Errol car boot sale.

  7. Anything you want to know about the Carse in the early 70s mail me.