Saturday, 1 May 2010


The previous picture of the old Ice Rink I put up last year (May 2009), didn't have the main entrance in the image. So to make up for it, here is a cracker of the doorway taken on 3rd March 1989.
Photo by Neale Elder


  1. Those were the days! The Saturday night skating sessions with the Vital Spark disco providing the entertainment. I still miss playing hockey on that rink now...

  2. I never ever learned to ice skate ! so id be the one holding onto the side bar, whilst pals whizzed about ! Got my own back years later, when i visited the Bar of the alcoholic beverages variety though. I worked in Valentines next door, so many a friday dinnertime id pay a visit. just to be sociable like :)
    Lesley G

  3. we used to have PE lessons here just a short walk from Lawside and a change from dangerous field sports like cricket and hockey and you could nip out for a fag.
    Al Hendrickx (a good skater in his day) nearly never had a geetar career as one of my other mates 'jinky' skated across his fingers on a friday night almost Django Hendo!
    the bear

  4. I learned to skate here in the early sixties with my pals - we travelled from the older parts of the city (Blackness rd and Hawkhill area) by bus on our own and we were only 10 or 11 years old! My mum also skated here during the war when she was a young woman and the city had lots of foreign soldiers stationed here. She had fond memories grea