Saturday, 29 May 2010


2 photos taken in fairly quick succession, capturing the moment the 2 chimney stacks at Carolina Port Power Station were demolished.
The top, "chimney A" - bit the dust on 8th April 1984.
Below, "chimney B" - came crashing down on 15th April 1984.
Photos by Neale Elder


  1. It had been raining the week the first one came down, my Brother and me got permission to set up our cameras in the gardens of Carolina House, when the chimney came down in landed in huge puddles and sprayed mud all over, even reaching us at the other side of the railway line. I thought it was bringing the Tay with it. I think a couple of windows smashed in Carolina House too. Thanks for bringing back all these memories Retro....its amazing reading.

  2. These people down at the fence in the top picture seem to be rather close to the action! I think it would be a no-go area these days.

  3. I lived in Carolina House , and the power stations were such a landmark.
    I left in 73, but I visited the place about two months after the chimneys were demolished in 84, and they told me about the windows being smashed.